Friday, September 27, 2013

Other things

Hey hey.
I can always tell when it has been a while since my last post because people actually start calling and emailing me. I've been busy with other things I guess. Other things have included finding a place to live in Worcester for January (a somewhat depressing task -- we were told by several contacts there that the downtown is completely unliveable, but on the bright side our house is on a lake), trying to find daycare for Heiko in January (FULL PANIC AT THE THOUGHT!), actually doing some math reading, working on this sweet sweater, teaching my yoga class, and... finally and messily getting all my summer photos off my camera on to my computer (the dinosaur crashed numerous times, and then imported multiple copies of many things - whhhhyyyyy). Ahhh so. That is what I've been up to.
And, Heiko has decided he does not nap. No naps. What? This is not good. That nap is my sanity! For a while he was combining this behaviour with not sleeping at night. I was flashing back to those newborn days and the astounding brain fog that takes over. I'm coping with the craziness by eating a lot of sugar. It isn't really helping.
Oh and this does not relate at all, but the other day I was in a yoga class and the teacher mentioned that a certain pose stretched out the neutrons at the front of the neck. I was like, awesome!!! My neutrons are soooo tight! I could tell by her face that she knew something was a bit off though, so I don't mean to hate. But it was funnie.

OK, so from neutrons to photons to photos... here is a random one. The Uklei Fahrhaus in Eutin, Germany. Ja! Mit Sahne, bitte!

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