Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Just a few things

I've noticed that fall in Colorado is glorious. I don't know whether I was just so new-baby gobsmacked last year to notice, but I don't remember any of this. Or maybe it is just fun this year to have a little guy take me by the hand and lead me out the door, into the sunshine and the crunchy gold leaves. He's ready for adventure!
I've been running on the trail near(ish) our house. It is a nice forest sort of thing, and there are also cows and horsies and so on, which is fun (will stop to observe animals, trucks or bulldozers). But if I can convince myself to run a slightly longer distance, then there comes a glorious point where the landscape opens up, and all I can see is the soft foothills in the distance, and the beautiful yellow leafed trees lighting up the plains.
Pretty much every time I do that run I stop and take a picture at exactly that point. I don't run it enough to really get used to it, which is its own kind of pleasure I suppose.
In other news, here is some of the bounty from our pumpkin patch. We are also enjoying the last of our kale, made extra sweet by the recent cold nights. Here is a bonus WHAM (what Heiko ate maybe):
Are you mesmerized by the fact that my foot is also in the photo? Bye for now!

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