Thursday, October 3, 2013

Out of the habit

Does anyone else read Zenhabits? What a weird thing. I mean, the guy who writes it is one of these pro-bloggers whose job it is to write about how to be productive at work and get things done, but what he is getting done is just writing about how to get things done. I think it is strange, and I could go on with more detail about that but I think I won't.
What I wanted to say was that I realized that I'm out of the habit of writing blog posts (and habits are unsurprisingly one of the big topics on Zenhabits). I used to have a running list of things I wanted to write about, so it was always easy to find something. And I was also taking lots of photos all the time, which provided a lot of easy material. Maybe it is just because Heiko moves so quickly these days, but I'm finding myself reaching for my camera less. That is a habit I'd like to pick up again. Maybe I'll even take some photos that are - gasp! - not of Heiko!
In general I'm pretty good at habits. Sometimes too good, in a way. For instance I'm currently engaged in a race-to-the-bottom with Heiko around wake-up times. That is, I'm trying to get up before him, to carve out a little quiet and dark yoga time. But with 5am wake-ups ("da-dee!") it isn't going to happen.
Anyway, we have been trying to set up a habit of going on hikes on weekends. Has anyone else noticed that Colorado is ridonkulously beautiful? It is mind boggling to me, honestly. Yet every week I drag my heels, complaining about all the snacks-sunscreen-layers-water-sandwiches-binos-backpacks-diapers-epipen-toys-cameras-maps-hats preparations, only to find myself so invigorated and uplifted by hitting the trail with my two favourite guys. The unique sweet smell of the dry earth and that astonishingly blue sky. Plus, those sandwiches taste so much better up at the top!

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