Sunday, February 2, 2014


Saturday, Saturday. Making pancakes is the first order of business for everyone.  Next, a harrowing seven minute drive to a beautiful and deserted winter forest. The roads of Worcester are basically all highways or seem to consist only of curving on or off ramps to highways. Zoomy zoomy zoom. We've already been in one (highly trivial) accident here, a man with a neck brace (I can only assume due to a traffic accident) backed into us in a parking lot. 

But all we needed was some time in the forest, listening to birds and the quiet. We spent the better part of an hour by the side of a ice-covered burbling stream, throwing sticks and snowballs through a small hole in the ice (the boys aim is getting pretty good), watching them flow away and disappear under the ice. 

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  1. Weeeell, the drivers in your temporary home state do have a reputation, and a nickname that I won't repeat here because I'm a lady.