Saturday, February 8, 2014

38, and then 39

OH! Friday, and then Saturday. Thank god, basically.
I learned yesterday that my teaching assignment next term has been changed, in the best possible way! After a few weeks of deliberation, a very very generous faculty member finally agreed to switch classes with me so that I will teach two sections of one course (still eight hours of class time a week), instead of two different classes, both of which would be new to me. This will make an enormous difference in my ability to do anything other than teach next term (i.e. I'll actually be able to do the other half of my job -- research). I was pretty terrified, given how much work my single course this term is turning out to be. So I'm breathing a giant sigh of relief, which made Friday night especially sweet.
Today was a quiet, coffee-drinking, snuggle-y, getting-things-done kind of day. Preparing, planning, stocking up. We finally shovelled out the car, and drove down to the grocery store (really getting into the Worcester swing of things). Now we're well supplied for the next big snow.

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