Wednesday, February 12, 2014

43 and missing moments

Ugh. The child who does not sleep. I thought -- ha ha, seems hilarious now --I thought that being away from me during the day would make my child a better sleeper, since he would stop depending on me to get him back to sleep. Funnie! And false. Terrible sleep! None of us sleep at all any more, and did we even sleep to begin with? Between sickness and inexplicable midnight barfs and teething and who knows what, I don't even remember if there ever was a normal. Now I have a cold too, so it has been an early bedtime mandate around here, to try to catch those extra Zeds.
And so, all these moments whiz by. One day my class is great, the next day I want to crawl under a rock and never come out. One day Heiko is a fountain of new words, the next day he is just screams and whines. One day I'm greeting the "regulars" along my crazy commute, the next day I'm hoping no one hits me when the lack of plowing forces me to walk on the road. One day the sun sets crimson over the lake, the next day the glaring white snow cuts deeply into a headache.
Big mixed bag, foggy brains.

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