Wednesday, February 26, 2014

57 and some that slipped by

It finally happened!!! My penrose zeolite!!! (Note the big pile of marking I ignored to do this). 
Yes, well, the last few days have been a blur of an alternating drafty and smelly house. Heating oil is gross, people. Our landlord decided to have the leaking oil tank on the basement replaced, which is good news, but it meant we had to wait a little longer with a stinky house than we might have liked. And then the internet died and the company had to send a real live person to fix it. Really? In this day and age. 

Speaking of the internet, I told my linear algebra class how google search works (eigenvectors!!!!) and they didn't care. I guess they were mad at me because the second test was hard. If I do boring stuff then they are bored, and if I do fun stuff they are blank. 

But speaking of learning, of course there is Heiko, who is picking up so many new words (he says 'night night' now) and skills (puzzles!). So many sweet kisses and expressions, so much amazement in every day. I want to try to record more of that here. 

For this night I think I'll just take one more look at this sweet sweet aperiodic zeolite and then say night night ('nah nah'). 

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