Sunday, April 20, 2014


And then there was a last-gasp flurry of socializing. Basically I/we've been invited to do three social activities over these last three months, and they all happened this weekend. So it was a good weekend!
I kicked it off with a math dinner at the Sole Proprietor - Worcester's fancy seafood restaurant (why didn't I get chowder??!). It was really one of the first opportunities I've had to hang out with any of the other faculty at WPI. And I received a ride home from one of the other dinner attendees, who funnily enough was going to visit another math department colleague who lives.... two doors down from us. That was a bit of a funny surprise so we got to meet our neighbour as well as a coworker.
On Saturday it was time for egg decorating at my WPI supervisor's house. That was fairly excellent since I got to create a zeolite egg while H hung out with some other kids. Having seven children and a gaggle of grandchildren means that entertaining is streamlined (at some point another descendent appeared briefly to produce a cake then disappeared again) and also pretty laid back.
Finally today we enjoyed an easter brunch at our nanny's house, which was really fun. She had hidden plastic eggs filled with fruit and other little treats for the boys to hunt. it was quite sweet to see the two of them with their little baskets. What sweeties.

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