Thursday, April 3, 2014


It has been all kinds of busy here in Lissieland. Basically I went away for one night. What? How can one night cause so much chaos? It did. I was both very nervous and very excited. In the months, weeks, days and literally hours prior to this trip I looked for any and every excuse that would prevent me from going (did Heiko just cough? I shouldn't go). There were a number of different reasons for my trepidation, but eventually Patrick kicked my butt out the door and that was that.
My supervisor here at wpi picked me up at the bright shiny hour of 3:45 am on Saturday morning. I'd like to say that I got up at 3am, but Heiko actually got me up closer to 1:30am. So that was what I was working with. Everything went smoothly though (ok, other than the "oh! We're out if gas" minutes before entering several kilometers of tunnel handing under the Charles river to boston airport), and we even cruised in to the 8am session (in Baltimore) just a few minutes late. I gave my talk, chatted to some folks, showed some people my penrose zeolites, and that was pretty much that. I arrived home at around 11pm on Sunday.
It was a great trip in the end. I'm so pleased that I went for a lot of reasons. But of course, I missed my Heiko. On the first flight, the couple behind me was taking their infant on his first flight. Oh! I remember those days. I've lost track of the number of flights Heiko has taken now. And, in just few days, H is going to be a full-paying member of the plane-sitting-on public. Travel is about to get 50% more expensive in this family. It is hard to believe how fast everything has changed.
I was pretty excited about the night in the hotel. I even turned down an offer to share a room. I just wanted those eight hours to myself. Of course, between the talks and the crab cake dinner and the operation of the (manual) breast pump, I think there were sadly only about six hours left for the sleeps. Predictably I woke up a few times, looking for my baby who is no longer a baby.
And now I'm back (it was only one night after all), and then calculus and sickness and melting and visits and changes. Just, nothing stops moving. Heiko will be two in just a few days, so momentous events for all of us I suppose.


  1. Elissa you are the queen of the high-functioning sleep deprived.

    1. Yes. My colleague here at wpi is apparently the queen of the high-functioning food deprived (I don't think she ate *anything* all weekend), so if only we could combine our superpowers we would be unstoppable.