Monday, June 9, 2014

Morning reading

I found these two guys quietly reading books and drinking tea ("cuppatea, cuppatea!") this morning.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Who knows?

Ugh, the moments are over I guess.

Oh well. It seems like forever ago that we left Worcester. Since then, we've been doing who knows what in Toronto. What has happened? I don't really know. It's been a couple weeks of visiting and not-visiting and playgrounds and more different playgrounds and watching Heiko go up and down the stairs. For me there has been a lot of culture shock and homesickness (or rather why-isn't-this-home-sickness), and I've been preoccupied with how the future is going to look. I've been up at York a bit, reviving some memories from my days as a phd student there. I haven't picked up the camera in a long time, actually. As P put it, it seems a bit like we are trying to do work and have a vacation at the same time, but not doing a great job of either thing.

But that brings us to today (OK, today-me says that I wrote this a week ago). Today was uncharted territory for me: the first no-stroller no-carrier non-trivial expedition with H. Just me and the little guy, plus a backpack full of snacks and supplies. What a fun morning! We took the streetcar down Spadina to the MEC (ding-ding!) to stock up on essentials for our impending voyage to the lake (basically, a life jacket for Heiko). Then we took the streetcar home, stopping only to pick up a burrito lunch. So it doesn't sound like such a big outing I guess, but it kind of was, and it was kind of super fun. We saw taxis, buses, construction, bikes, more streetcars ("nother one!"), tall buildings ("wow city!") and lots and lots of people. Heiko is a pretty fun guy to hang around with.

I don't have too many pictures of our outing, since my hands were pretty full. But here are a few randoms from our Toronto-time.

Now we are on to other adventures, namely the Ontario Northland, which is where they are keeping all the bugs. More on that later I hope.