Sunday, August 31, 2014

Late August stuff

Well it's that time of year. The time of year when the local police come 'round to welcome us to our (student-ish) neighbourhood, reminding us not to leave a couch on the lawn, and so on. In addition to the usual crap about weeds on the lawn (don't have them) I noted that there was a new paragraph in the welcome pamphlet this year about the other kind of weed, now that it's legal and all. Yes, America's most satisfied city.
And we jammed, thanks to food preservator extraordinaire Sara.
Work is getting rolling, a slow roll anyway, here is my desk.
We saw a tremendous rainbow the other day.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

And winding up to fall

We're back in 'merica! They let us in! Back to the land of funny money and people being friendly and everything happening really slowly (this is a quality of where we are in Colorado, not of the USA in general). When we got on the blazing hot shuttle bus from the airport to Fort Collins, our driver made some announcements before we hit the road, a long-winded something about no air-conditioning, but not to worry, the air would get moving "real quick" once we left the airport, and "I think you are really going to enjoy this shuttle ride." All this caused me to groan and say to Patrick "ohmygod we're back in Colorado".
So here we are. Back in our little Pioneer Ave house, tending to the kale patch and hacking back the dense weeds that were so happy with the irrigation arrangements we left for the veggies. We rented our house (furnished) out to a family while we were away. It is funny to think of them using our dishes and our sheets, our bikes and our camping supplies. We came back to everything neat and tidy -- but according to someone else's logic. It feels a little bit like they were actually living our lives in our absence, leaving behind little clues about their days here: mud on the bike trailer, collections of rocks, a drawer full of art supplies, a star garland in the tree outside.
This place is basically paradise though, compared to Worcester. Maybe compared to anywhere, if you listen to the locals. It is all about bikes, bikes, really great beer, and more bikes. I am so excited to be back on my lovely little bike. Heiko is also loving being in his trailer, and in a brand new bike seat atop Patrick's ride. We've been hearing a lot of "bike ride now!".
Speaking of Heiko, he is having a blast revisiting his old favourite spots and discovering some new passions (hint: "see train now! see train now!"). He starts "school" next week, and he had his first haircut last night (there were tears involved, but not from Heiko). Somehow the first cut was easy but the last cut unbearable... so my boy has a rat tail, at least for the weekend.
As happens every time I return to Colorado, I marvel at this big prairie sky. There seems to be high drama up there at any given moment, dark thunder clouds rumbling around against that crisp high-altitude blue. Indeed it seems that change swirls around us. Forward and backward, at once too fast and painfully slow, endless speculation and strategizing. I'm exhausted already. But this is no time to be tired, we've got 20 lbs of organic Colorado peaches waiting to be made into jam. And new bike trails to explore. And beer to drink. And crickets to hear ("the colorado sound", says Heiko).

Friday, August 1, 2014

Summer wind-down

It boggles my mind that I have posted to this thing exactly two times since leaving Worcester. TWO! Can you even believe this? Aren't I supposed to be on holiday or something with lots of time to do these things? Ah time. Good old time. A friend from undergrad used to say 'Time is Bitch' and I find myself thinking that now and then.
So what has happened? Oh you know, things. Heiko is mastering his usage of "probably" and "maybe", he is telling all kinds of stories ("went dat way, went dat way!"), and wanting to do a lot of stuff by himself ("NO, SELF!"). We travelled out west and he had his own seat in the airplane (sniff), and he is slowly mastering the art of singing himself to sleep (double sniff but also ohthankgod). We've been in Toronto, in Temagami, in Victoria, and now we are repeating the Toronto-Temagami circuit. We've also had lots of visits with family, and friends in the Toronto-orbit.
And now the summer winds down. Next week is the conference that I organized, and then we are going to try to get into the States again. I say 'try' because it is a complicated logic problem with a delicately timed border crossing, a dubious transfer of a car full of our stuff, and the return of the housewife visa for me. Yes, after my snazzy semester as an independent working woman, I'll be back to my lowly H4 Alien status.
And then what, and then what? That's been the flavour of the summer for me. And then what? Where am I going, Sheryl Sandberg? If only I could make money by thinking about possible career changes for myself. I would be so rich.
But we've had a lot of great times these last couple months. We plan to savour our last few days in Toronto, and then kick off our return to Colorado with our annual peach jam production.
See you then, people!