Saturday, September 6, 2014

The sweater blanket, DONE

Oh, about three years ago I wrote about a project that had been lingering on too long. Unfortunately it never made it to the completion stage before H came along, and then it lingered on for a few more years and a few more moves. Until today. I finally got my act in gear to sew these sweater patches together. I adopted a done-is-better-than-perfect philosophy, and just slapped everything together. (I also found inspiration by deploying an extension cord to bring the sewing machine into the backyard for some en plein air stitching).
I'm a little underwhelmed with the result (after all those years of anticipation), but that's OK, it is done. And it is pretty cozy, probably quite good for picnics. Plus there is that whole cat face thing!
Next up: the quilt!!!

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