Tuesday, December 9, 2014

And we're in

EDIT: I wrote this about a month ago, but never got around to posting for some reason.
As a follow up to my last (two months ago!!!) post, today was Heiko's first day at his new school (the Waldorf school I wrote about). It has been a couple of months of slow movement as we tried to negotiate the school's peanut policy (they did not have one). And we were slowed down an extra week by frigid temperatures and snow (though I should hardly complain, seeing that parts of the East are currently under METERS of it), which made the various administrative details impossible for this temporarily-driver's-license-less alien.
Anyway, here we are. Today was the first big day, and I'm breathing a giant sigh of relief. It was great. Heiko had a blast.
We've had an uneasy relationship with his first daycare, and even though he gladly waves goodbye to me when I drop him off, I've never felt very confident that the school really has his best interests in mind. But dropping him off at Riversong is a completely new experience. It feels a little bit like my midwife experience (did I ever write about this?). This is how great things can be people!
Yes, the school can smell like baked bread all the time!
Yes, the children can help make the bread!!
Yes, they can go outside when the temperature is less than 35F (that's like 2 degrees friends), just make sure everyone is warmly dressed.
Yes, there can be a generously stocked "borrow" cupboard in case families forget snowpants/hats/mittens etc.
Yes, they can start every day with a nature walk.
Yes, they can enjoy a dark soothing nap room and take their (indoor!) shoes off before they settle in.
Yes, they eat homemade vegetable soup for snack sometimes.
Yes, they can experience a warm lavender after-lunch face wash with a hand crocheted washcloth (OK, this one is almost ridiculous, but actually why not?)
I could go on here...
Of course there are sacrifices too. It's farther from home, and all that outside time means more thinking about all the relevant layers. Plus the start-up energy is nontrivial, since there is a lot of paperwork and epi-pen administration and all of that. But it is mostly done. Now we just need to settle into some routines, and hope for continued awesomeness.

Photos from the Blue Playground by the way, his new school is not nearly so institutional.

Monday, December 8, 2014


Last night H and I went to check out the twinkly lights in Old Town before attending his new school's "advent spiral" (I had my doubts about the event but it turned out to be pretty magical for the little guy). He actually didn't want any of it to end - the twinkly lights, the candles, the singing, so it was hard to get him back home for dinner. Emerging grumpily from the bike trailer back at our undecorated house, Heiko said "oh! More twinkly lights!" pointing at the big starry sky. Aw.