Thursday, January 1, 2015

A warp on 2014

So I meant to write a "wrap" on 2014, but I'm going to stick with the "warp" typo there.
It seems so long ago that 2014 began, and that I started my moments project. That got hung up at 125 days in (by some count), which is fine, I didn't really expect it to last although I'm also sad it didn't. I do wish that I had a record of all those little details that seem unforgettable at the time but actually slip away quickly.
So then, what happened to all those missing moments?
I suppose they whispered away in the mundane and the fantastic, the long days and the short months. All that beautiful laughter and those big milestones interspersed with full body fatigue, emotion, worry, endless speculation, whatever-makes-it-work strategies, up down and away we go. Standard life with a toddler: stillness was not a feature.
This year I'm not going to set any particular blogging goals, but I do hope that I can resume posting more regularly at this space. As for the off-blog part of my life (i.e. all of it), after a lot of consideration, I'm not going to set any particular resolutions this time around, but rather a theme for the year. (I actually think that since 2008 or so I have declared the theme of each year to be "Soups and Stews," (always seems like a good idea in January I guess) and one time it was "Skirts with Boots," so time for something with a little more substance.)
Ready to hear about the new theme? I'm not even going to qualify it with a parenthetical remark (wait, was that one?).
For 2015 I'd like to embrace hope, abandon cynicism, and work with a theme of love and connection. Yeah, so, "Love and Connection". P-pow!
Our farewell to 2014 involved burning paper boats, flaming away the lingering fog of what's been a pretty challenging year. I hope the fact that my boats stubbornly refused to burn was not a symbol of anything. I'm ready to move on!!! 2015, here we come!